COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Keep your business and commercial space safe while protecting those around you. 

We at Barclay Restorations DKI understand how important your business is as well as the safety of your clients and, employees.


We stay up to date with current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and are highly trained on the latest sanitizing technologies available.

How Barclay Restorations DKI

can help your business:

  • ULV Fogging: This service disinfects walls, floors and other horizontal surfaces.

  • Fogging with Horizontal Surface Wiping: This service is for regularly touched items such as desks, telephones, computers, etc.

  • Fogging with Full Wiping: This is an extensive cleaning service that utilizes disinfectants to clean your facility or building.

Our certified and experienced team will work with you to create a cleaning strategy plan that is customized for your specific needs. 

Call us today to get started!

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