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Once Upon a Time…


Barclay began as a small construction company in 1971 and built its reputation at the hand of Dave Torrance. 


Dave grew up in a small town called Shotts, Scotland, famous around the world for their pipe band.  It was there that Dave learned hands-on working in a family run construction business.  He had a great role model in his father, who taught him how to be a cooperative manager and a good and fair leader.  Dave recalls that his father’s employees did not work “for him,” they worked “with him”. 

Dave went on to obtain his engineering degree in the city of Glasgow. After travelling to Los Angles and Toronto he set his roots in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a founding partner, Dave spent 45 years dividing his time between multi-family residential construction and insurance restoration services. His experience led to his expertise in fire restoration where he oversaw the structures ranging from restaurants and condos to commercial industrial buildings and malls.  To this day, many framed photos of restored projects line Barclay’s hallways.

Is there a Mr. Barclay?

How did you come up with the name?

There is no Mr. Barclay associated with the creation or naming of our company.  When the company name was being chosen, Dave said the focus was on a name that people would associate with “being responsible” and “trustworthy”.  The name Barclay was associated with everything from a British Bank to a top level European Professional Football League, it was both highly regarded and in keeping with Dave’s Scottish roots.

Safe and Sound

The framing hammer that started it all, also has it’s own history. As the story goes, before the framing hammer was officially hung on the wall; thieves had broken into the office. It appeared they spent most of the weekend using the framing hammer to try to break into the company safe. 


“They never did get it open. They would have been disappointed if they did, there wasn’t a penny inside” reported Dave.


Caring for our Communities

From our founding to now, we have maintained a strong focus on being part of our community. Our core team and social media feeds are a testament to how we strive to engage with our community.  Members of our team have inspired others by engaging in Winter “Sock” Drives during the holidays for the homeless, Personal Protective Equipment Drives throughout the Covid-19 for frontline workers, and volunteering funds, and time, at (RMDH) Ronald McDonald House and Canuck Place.  Our staff are also involved in their local communities, including volunteering their time as coaches for youth in sports, Block Watch Group volunteers that look after neighbors in their communities, and donating blood to help those in need.

Hammer Time!

As times changed, so too did our company logo.  Barclay’s original logo was created by a commercial designer, and good friend of Dave’s, in 1971.  To stay true to our construction background, a hammer was chosen as representation.  Dave’s personal framing hammer was used as inspiration by the designer.  When we joined with a well-known association in 2008, DKI Canada (Disaster KleenUp Canada), we saw new additions to our logo with the signature red triangle.  The biggest change to our logo came in 2014 when we decided to freshen up the logo with a more modern look and colour, but keep the signature hammer to symbolize and honour our roots.  Currently our logo also proudly displays the 50 years and maple leaf on our to celebrate this milestone year.


Fifty Years and Strong

In early 2000, Barclay Restorations DKI became a full-service restoration company opening the doors to new possibilities of ownership.  The objective was to build an experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate team to support those in need.  Having a restoration team that knows how to navigate you back to normal as quickly as possible, is key to minimizing the stress of a loss.  Barclay Restorations DKI is proud to service the same communities it started in, from Metro Vancouver to the Fraser Valley.  We are a locally owned company employing over 100 people.  Our employees, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years are a proud group of hardworking individuals.  We are thankful to have a great mix of team leadership and management.

Message from the President

Barclay is extremely proud to be marking our 50th Anniversary. We recognize this is a significant milestone that few companies achieve.  Reflecting on the long history of this company, I would like to acknowledge the support of our customers throughout these last 50 years.  In this ever-changing restoration industry, I believe that it is the ability to adapt that has made the company what it is today.  To our employees, our customers, and our friends, I thank you for your past, and continued, commitment and support of Barclay Restorations DKI.


Here’s to another 50 fantastic years.


Jeff Dean

Jeff Dean


Barclay Restorations


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